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The Finished Result.

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well guys. heres the pics.

this weekend i had the bumper sprayed, filled the number plate recess, sprayed the insides of the fogs, cut the mesh out the bumper and replaced the grill and bumper with the same mesh. quite an eventfull weekend on the modifying front.

number plate repositioning wasnt really my choice as i went with what the painter guy liked. he'd spent alot of time on my car so i felt a little bad by disagreeing with him. lol







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cheers guys.

to be honest i wasnt so keen on the eyebrows, so if anyone wants them give me a pm. will have to re paint them tho.

yeah the mesh seems to hide all the gubbings underneath aye!!

not sure wether to put a little chrome badge in the grill area, got 2 trd ones sitting here that i bought, but dont know wether to use them

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yeah i had to take it off for the mot.

wasnt so keen on that either. lol i think the headlight brows and the sunstrip was my boy racer ideas coming out!!

really want a subtle gangsta look about this car!!

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