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Airbag Warning Light On After Removing Pre-tensioners - How To Fix?

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I recently acquired a set of used seats to replace my worn and cracked ones, and the new seats came with the seatbelts still attached, including the pre-tensioners. Today I removed my driver's seat and pre-tensioner and proceeded to fit the replacement.

I got the seat in OK, but when I offered up the pre-tensioner to the hole the old one came from it became obvious it was a different design to the original. My '93 had a yellow electrical connector which the new ('95) one did not, and they were also slightly different shapes. I had no choice but to remove the belts and tensioners from the seats and leave the originals in the car, replacing only the seats.

I got everything back in place, with all the bolts securely tightened, but now my airbag warning light is flashing constantly. I'm presuming it is linked to the work I have done, but does anyone know what I could have done wrong, or how to cure it?

Thanks in advance.

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