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Anybody Just Watch Fifth Gear?

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Just finished watching fifth gear over on channel five and it shocked me how much that new merc looks like a IS from the front!!!!!!

from the side the front looks like a IS but the back looks like a GS,

anyone else agree? or am i just lexus mad???? :lol:

will try and find a pic!

Jason :P

side photo, front looks loads like an IS.........


and front!!!!!!!!!!!


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I thought the whole car was a copy of the series one IS

was thinking that..

the bit that made me laugh was when they said it has taken their researchers 8 years to complete this model.........

must have been working for 8 years solid then got bored and just thought ' feck it we will just copy the IS, thats an awsome car' :lol::lol::lol:

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lazy b :tsktsk: ds cant they think of thir own design, mercedes need to sort it out big time and not leach of other manufacturers success.

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so im not alone with this thinking pointed it out a few months ago to my brother when it was snapped at the ring . i thought the front bumper was a exact match to mine

o well

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Just look at the size of the Merc badge on the grill!!!!! OMG! that's awful! I'm sure it'll be the most popular motor among the Porto Banus set :P

They're doing two different front ends - the sport models have the big Benz badge on the grill whereas the ordinary ones have the standard emblem on the bonnet.

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The front looks like an IS!

The side looks like a 3 series!

And the rear well I cant see it but I bet they copied that too!

And whats with the huge merc badge looks cheap small and sutle i say!

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