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The Time Is Nigh

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Well, managed to get a couple of days off work to study for my exams, which I have this Friday and this coming Monday....

The content..............?

  • XML
  • RSS
  • JSP
  • SQL
  • ActionScript
  • CSS
  • DTD

Oh what fun :lol::sick: Funny thing is - I despise programming, but it's what I have to do to fulfil my module requirements argh!


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u at uni ? im doing the same module as you i have to hand in 3 assgnments one is SQL queries and relationships on access, and 2nd is web design on html and java for programming !wats ur course title? is it computer science?

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I remember doing my degree at LJMU.. I did Computer Sciences - again this was modular based but in certain semesters leaned heavily on software principles and design dor most of the modules we had to do. Bear in mind I graduated 10 years ago so a lot of the web based stuff on offer now was a dream, but I had to study such classics as Cobol, Pascal, Assembly Language, and design principles such as SSADM, JSD and Yourdon.

Just after I graduated they started a new degree which was much more suited to me and the career I wanted - a lot more hardware and network design based.

At least I got lucky and hada good year out at a decent company - this has given me the most career success out of my 4 years at uni. I'm now an IBM System I and System Storage Specialist.

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Wellllllllllll, first one over and done with - not as bad as expected to be honest..... but.........

They through a blasted question in about AJAX! Argh not gone into that properly yet so wasn't 100% on that one. For those that may be interested, it is a technology that will be used pretty widely within the new world of the Internet - WEB 2.0

Crap weekend ahead as it's all studying and no play - few more days of hell then that'll be it! :D


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