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Adrian Flux


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having the joyous task of having to insure 9 different vehicles, i take dealing with insurance companys seriously

for years most policies have been set up by Adrian flux

have slowly been changing them over to A-Plan insurance

the latest instance shows why :

have noticed the prices being quoted are not exactly competitive

especially once they add there mark up on it

so with there latest quote, i rang around and i quickly got a far better overall quote from A-Plan

i promptly sent Adrian flux a fax last thursday declining there services, and stating cost being the reason why

then low and behold i recieve a certificate on tuesday

then after checking noticed that they have stolen the money from the details left on file from last year :o

rang them today, where they totally denied recieving the fax

reluctantly with a nonchalent attitude they agreed to refund the money !

now i get home today and have a message left on the home phone

from Adrian Flux

which was recieved last saturday !

stating that after they had recieved the fax, i sent declining there services, and they would like to know why ?, and if it was too expensive and need a more competetive quote to let them know,

and then the little clincher, .....................................oh and we have debited your account anyway :o

so... after being told , they still took the money

after leaving the message stating they recieved a fax , they then tried to deny ever recieving the fax

what a shambles ;)

looks like A-Plan are going to be busy :D

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I'll be making the switch too at the end of this period, they were ******* in my last dealings with them :(

The guy I spoke to at APlan (not Alistar) was much better :)

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yup, ive said goodbuy to adrian flux aswell

I had my Porsche 928 insured through Flux, it was time to renew recently, and as it was more expensive than last year I shopped around and found a quote with better benefits and £30 cheaper, so I phoned flux and they said they would beat it and indeed quoted me £40 cheaper than the new quote I had in my hand. However when my certificate came through it was £50 more than they quoted me so also more expensive then my best quote!

That happened to be a Friday evening, and the renewal came into force on Sunday. When I phoned on Monday they said there was a 25% fee for cancelling withing the first 30 days, and said they would reduce the price to match the other quote. I asked them why the price went up and they said it includes breakdown cover, so I asked them why they disn't quote me that in the first place. There wasn't a satisfactory answer, so I told them I wanted a complete refund. They said they would do it that day, but the next day I got a letter asking me to put in writing why I had cancelled. I just sent the certificate back the day before with cancel written right accross it. I got my refund two days later.

I am now insured with Heritage, which is Norton, who use Chaucer, which also happens to be the same insurance company that Flux used, but with Heritage the figures are much better!

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This is the second year I have been with Adrian Flux. I was intending to branch away from them and had tried A-Plan but they couldn't insure me at all they said.

After months of searching, Flux returned the most competitive quote, sweeping the legs of every other insurer I had tried and beating the lowest quote by £500. My insurance is going up obviously as a result of the supercharger - but not by much at all!


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for the last two years i have had renewal letters sent through but gone online with the same company and got it cheaper ,seems they give discount for new customers ,so if you get your renewal through get a quote online and then phone them insisting on the cheaper quote .saved me £45 this year with barclays .

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Been with Direct line for years with 2 cars - house and pets insured through them and at renewal time they gave me a stupid high quote saying i still had points on my licence from 2 years ago they take into considaration, :tsktsk: I'm with AA now they were half the price, but don't do it online, ring them if your car is modified in anyway.

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I'm with A-Plan at the moment and very happy with them, but will be switching to Adrian Flux pretty soon because A-Plan couldn't get me a good deal on getting my car supercharged.

Hope I'm making the right decision!

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Sky Insurance are good - they specialise in modified Jap vehicles.

IS200 with everything declared; skirts, lips, charger, zorst, lowered etc etc. £650 for the year (including business use) with the Mrs on there too.

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Im with GSI, they came in £100 cheaper that Flux last year. my insurance is due omn the 28th of this month, got a letter from GSI today, saying my new quote was £600, a full £100 more than last year!!!

This cant be right...can it..anyway rang GSI and told them, to go ****** them self,and do i sound like a compelete mug, hoping A-plan call me back tomorrow

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