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Since i've had my IS i've noticed a strange 'judder' when i break, i assume it's the ABS though i have to admit it seems odd for the ABS to be kicking in so soon. i drive at a leisurely pace but when i step on the breaks at say , medium strength, it judders and feels like the ABS engaging and dissengaging the breaks, no big thing i suppose, i just wanted to know if everyone elses IS200 is the same? cos this ABS feels different from my previous cars' ABS systems...

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serious? i need to change the discs? but they seem to be working fine other than that judder... i'm sure it'll be ok for the mean time... money's abit tight at the moment considering i've only JUST bought the car, hell i'm still shopping for baby stuff! it'll be due next month... Money, money, money... you never seem to have enough...

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