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Best Place To Go?

keitho irl

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Hey lads i have a problem with my tez im no mechanic but ive tried pretty much all i can myself to fix it, the problem is most of the power in the car car is gone its nowhere near as fast as it used to be and when the car is ticking over it is on the verge of stalling and the when i take off its grand but when i stop again it wants to cut out!, ive changed all the filters replaced the plugs reset the ecu cleaned the maf sensor i dunno what to do now, i live in tallaght, dublin and im wondering who or where is the best place to bring it to get the problem diagnosed, can i bring it to toyota do they have the diagnostic software for these cars cause someone told me they dont? Can anyone reccomend where to bring it someone that ll definitely know whats up with it because i dont think its a mechanical more a electrical problem methinks


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