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Harrier 2400cc Or 3000cc


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Newbie here, I am very keen on importing a Harrier to the UK but require some advice regarding model and a car importer.

My preference has been to go for a 2400cc mondels however I have read that the 3000cc engine is far better for this size/weight car. However the 2400cc is cheaper on the road tax and fuel, what are owner opinions on the Harrier 2400cc mondel??

Also would you recommed a 2WD or 4WD, most of my driving would be in the city however what would it be difficult to sell on a 2WD than a 4WD?

I have found the Harriers to lack some of the features of the UK model such as leather seat etc.. What spec would I expect from an imported Harrier?

Lastly has anyone used car import agents, I have one company called autoadvan, has anybody had experince with this company or anyother that can be recommedend?

I have read posts in this forum but I could not find much info on the 2400cc model.



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Hi and welcome to LOC.

Definitely go for the VVTi 3 Litre model. Better power to weight ratio. Lot stronger engine.

Lots of Harriers have more toys than the RX300 try and go for a Harrier G package. You do get leather in a lot of imports.

I don't know who to reccomend as an importer but if you are going to order one then there are a lot of importers who will get you the make and model you specify,leather, electric seats with/without the sat/nav etc. Some already modded or just standard. Just ensure that WHOEVER you get the vehicle from will GUARANTEE that it will have ALL the correct import and SVA documents before you pay for it. You want it road legal before handing the cash over.

Regards Terry

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I have just bought in Japan today a 104,000 km 3.0 Harrier, 4WD car cost was 580,000 yen so around £2700 and cost back here around £4500 OTR, as its just over 10 years old its SVA exempt and as its older than 2001 the engine size doesn't really matter tax wise. This one does not have leather but not worried about that, was more concerned about genuine k's and service history.

My brother has a 51 plate RX 300 and other than no leather its as good a spec as his. My guy in Japan said not to go for the 2.2 as although its OK the 3.0 as already stated is a lot better also I am going to tow a caravan so wanted bigger engine.

One word of advice is dont't buy from UK import auctions or of a dealer who has because all the ones sold from the UK auctions are all the CxxP in Japan they can't sell and bought cheap for resale in the UK auctions, if you want details of an agent let me know.


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