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Alloy Refurb - Best Places And Prices

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QUOTE(Tom B @ May 15 2007, 05:52 AM)
Where are the best places to get the alloys refurbed and roughly how much does it cost? Is it possible to make even the worst looking alloys new again?

In our area the best place I've found is 'Wheel Styles' their address is:

Unit A16

Backfield Farm Business Park

Wooton Road

Iron Acton

Bristol BS37 9XD

Tel. 01454 228456

Owned and managed by Andy's an offshoot of his restoration business A.G.S Motorcycles. He's very passionate about what he does. Suggest you pay him a visit and he'll explain exactly what can be done...and he's refurbished many IS200 wheels (as well as Porsches, BMW's, racecars, supercars etc.).

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Yeah try Lepsons in Gillingham. They have a website. All dealers and alloy wheel shops in the SE London, Kent , Surrey etc area seem to use them. I have used them and highly recommend them.

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If you can take the extra mileage on the drive, Lap-Tab in Birmingham are just superb... I had mine done there this week in Anthracite, and for the £220 it is a first class job.

The receptionist is hotter than lava too :)

LOL! got pics of urs? had mine done there too m8..bout month ago

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LOL! got pics of urs? had mine done there too m8..bout month ago

I've gotta give the motor a bloody good clean this morning, then I'll take some pics :D

EDIT: As promised, and cleaned to within an inch of it's life :D

Artsy Wheel Shot:

Bit more normal - note the old motor in the background :)

Different Angle:

Just click on the pics to zoom in. Took them on my Nokia 6280, not bad snaps for a phone.

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