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2007 Lexus Is 250 Review

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"In its second year on the market, the next-generation Lexus IS 250 luxury sport sedans ratchet up both handling performance and comfort with reconfigured standard equipment, option packages, and the ability to disengage the stability and traction control systems. The V6-powered Lexus IS models, which debuted in 2006, combine striking styling with one of the most compelling packages of performance, luxury, and safety in this highly competitive segment..."

Here's a new review on the 2007 Lexus IS 250, from TopSpeed. It includes info on design, performance, safety and pricing. Available is also a picture gallery with the sedan.




Read it all here:

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I believe this is for USA only...the link doesn't work...

The link worked for me on 15th're quite correct in saying it's a USA review. Many variations in spec vs Europe. Interesting reading.

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Now i know the Yanks are colour blind :sick:

Your telling me! we call it Windsor Blue and what do the yanks call it? Black Saphire.

Mine is Windsor Blue, It looks black on dull days and comes alive on sunny days. Black Saphire is a great name. But I do like to the link to Royalty. Probably wasted in America.

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