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Rear Brake Pads


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Just a quick question.

I had the rear tyres on my car replaced on the weekend. So whilst the wheels were off I had a quick look at the brakes. It seems to me the pads are low and need replacing. I've replaced them on most of my other cars so, is it really simple to do ?

Looking at the caliper it looks as if there are two bolts that need to be taken of, I then presume the caliper slides off. Replace the pads with what looks like shims, grease with copper grease and compress the piston ? Then re-assemble and bleed ?

Any gotchas that I need to keep in mind ?

Are mintex pads good enough ?

Also, does anyone know what size the wheel nuts are.... my torque wrench didnt fit it, so I need to get the correct size bit for it.


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