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Hi guys.

I guess I'm new here.

Just yesterday I signed for my "new" Strathcarron Blue IS200 Sport from 1999 with an incredible 61k km (38k miles) on the clock. Inside, it's black alcantara and leather and it literally looks like it just came out of the factory. It's unbelievable. I didn't really want it blue (rather black), but the interior just sucked me in... So, I guess you could say I'm a pretty happy guy :D

The only not so nice thing about it, is a few small chips on the front of the hood, and the wheels - they're pretty well busted. I'm thinking they'll go for winter duty (after getting reconditioned) and something similar to Mr. Singh's iForged Aero will go on next summer (only 18" though)

I'll shoot some pictures when i get the beast into my own hands on friday.

Oh, and you guys seem like a pretty nice bunch, unlike certain other Lexus forums around the net (*cough**cough*), so I'm looking forward to my stay here ^_^

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Welcome to LOC :D

Sounds like you got a good car there, bet you'll be happy :)

Whereabouts are you in Denmark?

I was working in Copenhagen for a while and loved it, the beer is expensive over tehre though :o

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Thank you ^_^

As promised, a few pics. Sorry if some of them are a bit wide.



Nice rusty tailpipe... Then again, it's about the only rusty thing on it. :hehe:


Immaculate interior and new mats



And a wheel. This is not the worst one.



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