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Hello, I'm wondering if anyody here may possibly be able to advise me on what to do regarding getting the starter motor on my mk1 Lexus GS300 sorted out.

Basically I want to know if removing the started motor in there at the moment, is a job I can do myself (considering I have no experience of working on cars, most I would normally do myself on something like a Toyota/Lexus is an oil change!).

Would also be grateful for any advice on where I may be able to get it repaired in the Norwich area, or where I would be able to pick a new/reconditioned one up at a decent price?

Thanks for any help.

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Not done one myself but not an hard job on most cars .would think it is held in by 3 or four bolts onto the bell housing of the gearbox .dont forget to disconnect Battery before you start .as for finding one i would think most motor factors can source one .

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Had mine replaced by a little garage I use. Owner is a Lexus fanatic and an electrics guru.

He replaced mine with a guranteed recon one for £150 all in. Took him about a hour to fit.

I'll be honest with you, that sounds a bit OTT for me. I wouldn't expect to pay more than £60 for a reconditioned one, making labour a bit much!

But in the end, a chap who lives near me, works for Subaru took it off for me, took him about 10 minutes, without a jack.

If mine can't be repaired I'll buying a reconditioned one for £50 in the morning and he said he'll stick that back on for me in the afternoon.

So I think I've really got lucky there, also got myself out of a pickle as I don't really have the facility to tow it to a garage. So fingers crossed I can get this new one and it will bolt straight back on nice and easily!

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