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Stereo Speakers Not Working...

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Anybody had experiences with this sort of thing before? Just noticed this morning that only the left hand side speakers are working.

Once every now and then the right side works for a split second then cuts out again. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this or what the problem is?



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If you are using the standard head unit, is it when you are playing tape, radio or CD? Or all three?

The reason I ask is that my head unit (before I ripped it out) only played through the left hand side with tape (the CD was crackered), yet the radio worked both side.

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Its the whole right side that seems either very quiet or dont work at all. However, its only doing it when using my iPod...the radio is ok, cant check if the CD player is ok as I havent had a cd in their for motnhs!

Just a bit strange.... :duh:

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If your using Geoffers aux-in kit just make sure all the connections are ok, especially the left(white) and right(red) connectors from you Ipod lead. Also make sure that the 3.5mm jack is Ipod fully.

Also check the songs have copied over to your ipod ok.

Other than that not sure. Dount it'll be the cars wiring as you say it works fine with the radio :duh:

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