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Wiring Interior Light On Ceiling Monitor

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ive got a new monitor for the ceiling of the car. it goes where the interior light is and it has 2 lights on it to replace the one ive taken out. im just so confused on how to wire the new light up.

does anyone know how to do it? what are the colour codes for the wiring on the existing wiring loom?

cheers guys


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its actually quite sad, i dont really know how to use a multimetre. im quite good with stuff like this but its thrown me right out!!! lol

theres a little box aswell behind the light panel that a few wires go to. its all quite confusing!! lol

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I've done this on my car and it does take a bit of working out but its pretty simple.

The screen will have three wires coming out of the lights i'm assuming (as mine did). One for the Neutral, one for Permanant on, and one for when the doors open.

The box i was LED to believe is the ultrasonic thingy (technical term LOL) for the alarm.

All i did was take the light apart remove the box it fitted between the screen and the roof.

If you then trace the bars on the light it should become clear. The 12v Live will feed both the light and the sensor, as will the Neutral.

Then there will be one more for the door switch and the last two will also be for the sensor (i believe there's five wires from what a remember.)

I'm sorry i can't be certain but it's more than an A**e takin my screen off to put on again.

If you've got anymore problems or can't figure it. Drop me a pm with a pic and i'll see what i can do.


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Right i've searched through my old paperwork and found my diagrams for when i wired up my Roof screens interior light.

There should be 5 wires going into the light:

Red & White

Black & White

Blue & Yellow

Green with Silver Flecks

Green Orange.

The ultrasonic sensor should then plug in the other side. Take that plug out and unscrew the sensor and fit it somewhere in the roof or screen holder.

The connections should then be as follows:

Red & White - Light on with Door open

Black & White - Light on Permantly

Blue & Yellow - Bulb and last wire on sensor

Green with Silver Flecks - Red wire from sensor

Green Orange - Blue wire from sensor.

Hope this helps mate.


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