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Has Any One Broken Down In A 220 Yet?

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I have searched but can't find any references to VSC issues but coming back from the gym this morning and the car went into what I can only describe as limp home mode (fastest I could go was 25 mph) and warning lights everywhere, with the message 'Check VSC' on the dash display :angry:

Has anybody else experienced this? I'm waiting for 'Lexus Assist', who am I kidding - the RAC, to come and have a look with a chance the car will need to be recovered! Fiesta hire car here I come!!

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Well Lexus assist came and the car wasn't on his diagnostic PC :blink: some use they are!

The car actually has two faults, one for DSC and one for engine management/throttle control. One possibly a symptom of the other but the car has to be recovered to the dealer for further investigation either way. Looks like the £165 I just spent on roof bars for it to use this weekend may become redundant :o

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Well Lexus assist came and the car wasn't on his diagnostic PC

I had the same problem with my IS250, the RAC computers are over 18 months out of date :(

The Lexus website describes VSC as:

Even the best drivers can get caught out by a bend that tightens unexpectedly - or the need to brake suddenly in mid-corner. Either action can unsettle the balance of the car. That's when VSC steps in to help the driver regain control quickly.

Sensors continuously monitor and cross-reference speed, steering angle, yaw rate and deceleration. The instant the system detects a loss of control, VSC steps in and momentarily dictates the individual braking force sent to each wheel. It also moderates the throttle until the tendency of the front to run wide (understeer), or the rear to break away (oversteer), is corrected.

It's the kind of technology we hope you'll never need. But if you do, you'll be glad it's there.

So I'd guess that you have sensor gone or soething like that. As it's related to wheels, steering and brakes I take it you haven't had these areas touched recently?

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I remember some of the early 220d's doing this - they needed the 5th Injector swop out. This apparently cured it...

It also sounds like the Lambda/Oxy sensor could be at fault - where do you fill up? It's not Supermarket fuel is it????

Good luck and keep us postedPS - the VSC light could be a Red Herring - caused by an Electronic sensor/failure - especially if other lights are on too...

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Here in Finland many Toyotas with the same diesel engine have had similar problems. The reason is said to be the exhaust gas recycle valve (EGR) which doesn't work like it should. This causes the car to go to limp mode. The VSC is disabled because of the limp mode.

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