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Some Questions Regarding My New Ls400

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Hello Everybody i have just bought a 1995 Lexus LS400 with 74,000 miles on the clock and FLSH, some questions.

1 My radio does not work becuase it is showing the code "SEC" i guess that i need to enter a code but where do i get this from? or how do i reset this?

2 I have a bad front wheel wobble at about 55 to 60mph below this it is fine and above this fine. I am guessing that it is just a wheel balancing issue, any other suggestions that it may be.

3 Any good contacts for service parts in the states where i understand it is much cheaper to purchase parts.

Any other advice for a newby gladly accepted

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1. the radio has to be taken out and put into a place to have it reset because the code is set by the last owner "try the last 3 digits of the VIN". I paid £25 to get my code out

2. put the spare wheel on and see if it stops or do a rotation.

3. eBay

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Thanks for he help really appreciated.

1 I have now got the radio working, last 3 digits of VIN, great !!!!!

2 Wheel wobble gone, after i had the wheels balanced this morning.

3 I will look out on Ebay for bits i need.

Are the 90 to 95 front brake discs the same as the 95 to 2000 ? are the US brake discs the same as ones for British cars?

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89-92 are a safe bet as S1 small discs with 2 pot calipers, around 93 there was a face lift and the wheel size went up from 15 to 16", the brakes on the front were uprated at this time too.

if yours is 95 then it's most likely the S2 brakes.

do you have standard wheels? are they 16"

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