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Getting Scared!


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Hello all,

Well just got back from my trip away at sea, and i have decided to book myself in for my Engineers Class 2 Oral!! I passed my writens last time home so i thought i'd get my arse into gear and get the Orals done this time. I am :tsktsk: myself already today and i was only booking the bloody thing!! So i have managed to book myself in for my test on the 11th June at 11am, i am not looking forward to my 1on1 with some examiner!!

Anyway, just wish i had it over and done with already!!


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Well today was the day guys, 11am this mornin i was sat infront of the examiner i didnt think that i was too nervous to start with, then the questions started, i was fine for the first one but he then kept askin if i was sure and i was like yeah i am, so after that my nerves got the better of me then i started to shake and tryin to draw diagrams and sketches of fuel pumps and air start systems with a shakey hand and the thought that you were doing it wrong just threw me right out and i :tsktsk: up!! In the end i got the restult that i got some of it right and some of them wrong but an over all FAIL..... :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: £180 for my next exam which i can take in 2weeks!!

I shouldve really been on the **** tonight but decided to pig out on a chinese!!! Anyway im still ****** off!!!


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