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Colour Confusion

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Hi all, I would like to know if everyone has the right colour written on all their documents, i have a IS200SE in "Granite Sky" but i've noticed on my V5 document and all other paperwork it shows the car as being "Silver" I mean, it's blatently obvious by physically looking at the car to know that it's not Silver, hell if you don't want to state that it's "Granite Sky" (which no-one would have the slightest idea what colour Granite Sky actually is) then why don't it just say "GREY" because it's Grey and NOT Silver! If my grey car is Silver then what colour would a silver car be? Blue?

I can understand why the manufacturers may name the're paint Granite Sky, to make it sound more exciting and glamourous than it really is because lets face it how exciting does "GREY" sound? but when the car needs to be categorised into a colour category then wouldn't it be relatively simple?

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