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Help Phonedrome!


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Phonedrome (Andi), one of our most active members and moderators in the Euro LexusOwnersClub is on intensive care.

In the beginning of this year he was told he has cancer. He was undergoing several chemo therapies which weakend his body extremely. Since last week he suffered from a pneumonia and had to return to hospital and is now on intensive care.

We all really hope he gets well soon.

To help him, we started collecting donations to buy him something for his Lexus he loves so much.

I know he has been in the UK forums alot of his time too, so I thought i should let you guys know. If you want to send him wishes or kind comments please feel free to do so. We will forward everything to him.

If you want to send him a small donation you can either do it by paypal (canter AT lexusownersclub DOT com) or by wire transfer.

For the BIC and IBAN please sent me a PM or if you have a account on Euro Forums you can also check out this Thread.



Andi, we all hope you feel better soon!

PS: Sorry for my crappy English :tomato:


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I wondered why he'd been quiet :(

Wish him all the best and tell him I hope he is doing ok, my PP details are aidanjpadden@..... and hopefully should have come through ok.

All the best and I hope he likes whatever you can get for him, hope you pull through soon Andi :)

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Noooooo. my ***

Andi - Hope you have a speedy recovery mate

All my hopes are with you all

Have Sent (P/P - P525SEI)

Please keep us updated Canter



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Thanks guys for all your wishes and donations.

of course i will let you know once there are any updates.

It currently seems that his lungs have taken serious damage.

We still got hope tho.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok here is an update.

He has been moved from the Flensburg hospital to the Charité in Berlin.

He is now sheduled for a surgery towmorrow to make him chancer-free.

And after that it seems that he has to wait for a new lung to be transpalnted.

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***** , i didn know it was all this bad.......ive only just seen this topic here, i knew he was in hospital bud had no idea how serious it was

Tommo, please pass on my best wishes to andi, and if theres anything i can do, please let me know

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The surgery went fine. Now we hope he is really cancer free now. That is a condition to get on a waiting list for a new lung. Unfortunately it has turned out that he will need a new lung. His old lung can only do about 10% of the breathing on its own anymore. Due to the chemo the lung has become hard and unflexible. Its called pulmonary fibrosis in english i think.

In the meantime we have collected 65 donations with a total amount of 1210 Euros. That`s really great and we are proud to be part of such a strong community.

I will keep you guys updated.

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I'm gutted to hear this. I was speaking with him recently and he was helping me with my car and questions I had. As said, he was a very helpful and pleasant chap who will be sadly missed - even by those who hadn't necessarily met him in person.

Condolences to his family and may he rest in peace,

Kind regards,

Jamie & Family

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