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Bes Plae To Put Amps

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im wanting to fit two amps in the boot of my is200 whats the best way of screwing them to the rear seats i was thinking , ree rear seats then bolting a blank of mdf to the ther side into the noot , what u reckon also where the best earth for 0 gauge in the boot

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erm the bolts have like little ring things on them 4 of them on the boot floor cant miss them

nah car in pic is a photoshop but car in real life is prob same height as that scrapes on most speed bumps :( lol

but looks to dam good to raise

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Spare wheel well. Get a can or two of that inflating stuff instead.

If you are closely attached to your spare, then the floor between the rear wheels seems inviting to me as it would be very easy to "extend" the floor to cover the amps and make them either invisible or showcased behind plexiglass or whatever.

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if you remove the rear seats you can bolt the amps to the metal part behind the seats using some bolts, or as suggested in the wheel well in the boot, or do what i have done and mold them into the sides of the boot itself! :winky:

Jason :P

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