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Traction Control Light

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Hi Fellas

I'm an owner of an IS200 SE Auto. I love my car! Whilst driving into work today through traffic (very low speed) the dashboard traction control light began flashing (intermitently say every 2 secs). Attempting to turn off the traction control with the overide switch made no difference. A minute after and a good rock of the steering wheel all came back to normal. I was not sure whether the ECU had gon beserk and was engaging the traction control or there is an underlying fault in the system. Any ideas please :duh:

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Switching the traction control off does not change the behaviour of the light. I switched mine off when we had a lot of snow in Copenhagen just to see how hard it was to control the car in the snow :hehe: The light was flashing all the time when I was going sideways down the streets early in the morning :P

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Hi. The light flashing is the TRC OFF light; was doing it again this morning for a moment.

might pay to get a diagnostic check on the car done. when i had this problem it turned out to be the map sensor.

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