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Rear Fogs


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hello loc!

nice to see so many people on hear. only been on this site for the past couple of days now and seen some interesting stuff!

got a small problem with my rear fogs! all fuses are fine and the litttle light comes on at the switch but no power at fogs! checked the conection plugs under boat lining, all o.k!

Have i gota really strip down all the inside to find a break in the cable?????

Just would like to know if any one else had this prroblem before and if so what did you do?? or is it just my weird lex that has problems like this? ? ? ? :duh:

Thanks for any feed back


p.s going away for a coulpe of days today so will be back on sunday nite

:D :hehe:

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Not sure if this is the case without checking my car, but do you have to have your lights on for the fogs to work? As in, its no good just putting you rear fog light on without at least your side lights on. :yawn:

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Yes you need lights on first but the light on the switch would not come on otherwise.If the switch light is coming on and the fog lights arent.Could be the bulbs but might be unlikely that both have gone???Would be best to try and test the power supply at the light if possible.

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Can you use a multimeter to check if there's any voltage getting to the connector going to the bulbs when they're turned on? At least that way you'd have more of an idea where to start?

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Yer I tested for power at the blub holders, but nothing!!

The light on the fog light switch may just be coming off some sort of dash supply???

I dont think the fogs pull enough power for them to use a relay only being 18 watt each! but I think I will try and check the relays some how!!

Cheers for all the replys! ! !


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