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Anyone Off To Citrix Iforum In A Couple Of Weeks?


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I know there are quite a few IT people on here, just wondered if any of you are going to iForum in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks time?

I can't wait, on a Citrix course next week, then iForum, then a week at work, then a week and a half off :D


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Like you say mate it's all how you implement it - it can be very good in the right hands - which means in my systems it's crap :lol:

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To be honest mate I've not taken much notice, my eyes transfixed to the part that said Monday nights "event" is from 6 - 8, Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7:30 and Wednesdays is a big bender :lol:

It's mainly a few vendors that do complementary products pushing and demonstrating those as well as seeing everything that is going on in Citrix land, good to keep up to date to be honest, did MS Tech-Ed a few years back and that was superb, would always recommend that, might pay for myself to go next year as it really is a good week - get to keep up-to-date and learn stuff across the board and the night time events were legendary!

The iForum agenda is here -

Should be good - I rediscovered my geek head so looking forward to it :)

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Hehe :D

I'm looking forward to it mate, will be interesting!

Are you back up at the office anytime soon mate?

Yeah, all those evening events look like they'll be fun, they usually are anyway!

Not sure when I'll be back up, the project I was on has been postponed for the moment at least. But who knows what's going to happen, I've long since given up fussing over the politics on jobs like that!!! Leave all that for the PMs, can't be bothered worrying about it myself! B) It'll all get sorted soon enough...

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