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Catch Tank ?


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Does exactly what it says on the tin.... :D Catches Excess Oil in tank rather than channeling it into the air box. Just adds a bit of bling under the boonet to. Sure someone will give a better technical reason than this..... :blush:

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an engine needs to allow excess pressure to bleed off, so a breather is installed

the breather links to the air intake and is recirculated back into the engine

what bleeds off is oil vapour which of course contains oil !

this oil over time may build up and give the pipework and intake componments a coating of oil, no great harm is done

by using a catch can the breather is diverted to a can where supposidly the oil within the vapour is trapped before rejoining the intake or vented to air

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there not really needed on standard engines, or even mild tuned engines, they come into benefit on high hp engines where crank case pressure starts to force oil residue/heavy vapour out of the breather system,

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