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Lowred Returns....


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Well its been a while and although i have a few Points on the License (9 :duh: ) I'm back in Lexus Country :D

I have sold my 1.2 Corsa C (I know, Pity Me :blush: ) for a very gooood price.

And now.... I have just bought a LS400 Mint Condition on a L-Plate 93 in Silver. 151,000 miles and fully Lex serviced. I will be picking it up from Great Yarmouth next Saturday, only like 500 miles away (RoadTrip :lol: ) and I can hardly wait.

I have for sometime wanted one of these monsters and now my dreams come true :D

Not sure about Mods yet but all will be told on here anyways :)

Pics to go up soon as I sort out photobucket.

One Question to those out there in the know, is it easyish to get a aftermarket radio etc fitted into the LS, I know there was faffing around involved when I done the LowRider IS.

Speak to you all soon :D Its good to be HOME :winky:


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hi mate,good luck with your trip to g.yarmouth thats going to use a few gallons of fuel,nice drive back in an LS though.are you going for the low look again

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Howdo and welcome to the LOC,


Thank You all, Its more like Welcome Back Jamie I been here before :lol: .

Here are the Pics I promised.... Enjoy (Plate is being changed when its all mine)

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