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I see where you are coming from, as a Peugeot owner you may have been used to things going wrong. Well fortunately for you with the Lexus hardly anything will go wrong, I’m sure you’re most disappointed now ;)

Welcome and enjoy!!

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Hi and welcome to the LOC

Firstly i would urge you to check inside tyre wear as the IS has an error in the standard camber angles which results in tyre wear on the inner edges.

If left it can be a major problem and cost a fortune in tyres or cause problems with steering. So please check it and if you have then you can easily solve this problem with taking a trip to see Dr Tony at Wheels in Motion. It costs about £100 and solves the problem. Well worth getting done.

Also dependant on your mileage i'd recommend getting the cambelt and tensioner changed, it should be done at 60,000 or 6 years which ever is the sooner. If you get this done then check the water pump at the same time just in case.

The only other thing would be the standard headunit which can have problems and most people change to aftermarket stereo's as the standard units are exspensive to fix.

Thats about it, as previously said they're isnt much that goes wrong with Lexus's ao hopefully you should have many years happy motoring. If theres any help you need just post on here and i'm sure someone will be able to help.

All we ask in return is try and make it along to some of the meets in your area and of course become a gold member :D

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