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Told You So...shandy Drinkers

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Londoners regard themselves to be the most moody people in the UK - and the least sociable - according to a new study.

The survey for Combined Insurance asked more than 2,000 people across the UK how they would define the people that lived in their community.

The results suggest that the days of Brits conforming to a common national stereotype are gone.

The Scots they felt they were the most sociable (18% against an average of 12% across regions) and were least likely to regard themselves as tight-fisted.

People from the West Country regarded themselves to be the friendliest (73% compared to an average of 63% across regions) and the most well mannered (56% compared to average of 47%)

Despite the image of suburban South East England being keen to "keep up appearances", people in the South East were actually those most likely to regard themselves as hostile to neighbours (15% against an average of 13% across regions).

People in the North East actually regard themselves to be the rudest people in the UK (17% against an average of 13% across regions),

while East Anglians think they are the sexiest. :duh:

The Welsh topped the poll as the most helpful, in contrast to Londoners who came out as the least helpful (44%) as well as the least friendly (56%).

Peter Lock, Regional Director at Combined Insurance said: "At a time when millions of people are experiencing numerous threats to their local communities and are getting fed up dealing with impersonal, distant companies through overseas call centres, our research suggests people are rediscovering their sense of local identity.

"As a result, across the UK, people's outlooks are diverging as they celebrate rather than put aside their local differences."

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Hi Matt how's it hanging? Yes quite agree, as a Man of Kent who escaped to the wide open spaces of Shropshire and having had to work " down south" after the "Hurricane" and having visited Kent many times I know where would rather be. :D

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