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Is200 Tyres Going Flat...

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Firstly hello to everyone :)

My grandmother has an IS200...its a really nice car and she loves driving it...

However, for some reason the tyres keep going flat on it, due to her age she doesnt seem to notice to buggers up the tyres....Its getting silly...she has had about 5 new tyres in the last 3 months...

Now it may be down to her driving and occasional low speed kurbing (whilst parking etc)....But surley this shouldnt be happening?!!???!?!?!?

Is this a common issue on the IS200?

Im tempted to fit some other wheels with more rubber on just to save her the hassle and cost of getting the rubber bands changed all the time...

Any thoughts anyone?

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Hiya..... Historically the IS200's wheels are air tight. Since this is a reoccurring problem then the rubber cannot be to blame... I would ensure the wheels bead line is clean and have the shop check that the wheel doesn't have a hole in it?............ It happens!!

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My brothers did the same on the front end he had to keep pumping them up every week or so think he had them resealed in the end as when we put some washing up liquid round the rims he had got air escaping from the inside edges on both front rims? maybe worth a look? :) Oh just a thought is there some little sod letting them down???

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Its usualy the front ones, but they all misbehave.,...

The fronts have some heavy kurbing marks on them which I guess could be a sign that the wheels have been distorted and are now leaking...

I would persuade my gran to come to your club meets, but she would only make you all look slow :-p

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