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Greetings !

I need (my wife and grandchildren tell me) a more family-friendly car than my beloved Celica. The is200 (and Lexus, AND this forum) really appeals to me, but I need an average consumption of around 30 mpg.

The figures I have ferreted for range from 30 down to 21, and I would appreciate your experiences. Given that I get 30 mpg in my Celica for 50/50 town/country usage, and am neither a boy-racer nor an economy-miser, what do you reckon I will get with an is200 ? :driving:

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Welcome to LOC! :D

I do alot of motorway miles and get around 23-24 MPG, although i do have a REAL heavy foot so best not taken from me. I think you might well get around the 30 MPG mark if you take it a bit easier, im sure someone else will be along shortly to add a comment.

However, owning a lex will put a smile on your face that will be worth the few less MPG!!!!! :D :D :D

Jason :P

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The official line for the Lexus IS200 is as follows:

Fuel consumption

Urban Manual: 20.8 mpg

Automatic: 20.0 mpg

Extra-urban Manual: 36.2 mpg

Automatic: 36.2 mpg

Combined Manual: 28.8 mpg

Automatic: 28.2 mpg

So with a bit of restraint on the old right foot you could squeeze out 30 mpg....

Great car by the way, what you spend on extra petrol you would save on mechanics bills as there does not appear to be much that goes wrong with them. Had mine for 17 months & the only time in the garage is for service & a noise from the front brakes (which was fixed for £100)....oh & a few mods :winky:

Hope this helps in your choice. Always some good IS200 on this site for sale.



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I've been getting around 28-30 mpg last few months and i've just been driving normally, occasional days of leadbootitus!!

As said though you wont regret getting an IS if your only get 26 mpg. As you already have a Toyota you'll know how reliable the engines are.

Hope this helps.

O and welcome to the LOC

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Thanks for helpful replies, and kind welcomes.

Amazing how evangelical all is200 owners are.

Reckon it is time to apply the avian theory -

if it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and flies like a duck, and looks like a duck -

it probably IS a duck. :cat:

So I'll be paying Lexus a visit soon.

Any more consumption experiences?

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