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Obdii On Is200

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Hoping someone can help me....

I bought the Informeter in Japan.


Unfortunately it does not work on my 2002 IS200 german model.

My problem looks like this topic: klick

The Altezza (both with 3S-GE and 1G-FE) is listed by Greddy to work with the Informeter.

I have already tested some cars( all german models): 99 Nissan Micra K11, 2005 Honda Stream, ~2000 Mazda Premacy (with Honda used in the preferences of the Informeter) work well with it.

Pins used by the Informeter are: 1,2,5,9.

Pins on the OBD in my car are: 2,3,4,5,10,12,13,16

By the cig lighter Pin 1 of the Informeter is supplied with 12 Volts+.

But the damned thing always says: Communication error. Check manufacturer".

Does anyone know the differences in the OBDII-configuration Altezza/Lexus IS?

How can I get it work? E-mail to greddy is not answered yet :-( .

regards from germany

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the 3s-ge altezza doesnt use OBD II...and neither does the JDM 1g-fe engined altezza

as was stated in the topic you have linked to.

the item you have bought is designed for the japanese market

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I've been looking at these recently and wondering if they work or not.

So can you just set it to honda setting without having to fit it in a honda first or does it auto configure or something?

Does it give decent readings? a/f etc?


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I think my fault was, i never switched off ignition after changing the settings. So setting to Honda, then putting ingnition once off and on should work, even not sticked on to a Honda before :winky: .

Throttle-position (the throttle controlled by ecu, not the "position" given with your foot) and A/F-correcture are given out in Volts or Graphs. If you know the band of them, you can set min/max and get accurate readings. O2-reading is the nernst-lambda, so it switches permanent from rich to lean, isnt much helpful. A wideband-lambda is really better. A/F-C is only a A/F-correctur-factor, dont know what this really means and is good for.

With the informeter you can read out:



intake temp

water temp



A/F correcture

intake manifold pressure

You can define how it is shown, by graph, numbers, circle and needle. Peaks are also captured until you switch ignition off.

A similar unit is the Blitz R-Vit. This can (with a separate unit) show you A/F by wide-band and is much more effective than the read-out of the lambdas fitted by Lexus.

heres a video i made, accellerating from 0 to 170 km/h

klick 10,7 MB

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