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Finally I Have My Ls Home...


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Well I travelled a good 700 odd miles yesterday but well worth the trip and I now have my baby LS home

Big Baby mind :lol:

Got me home sweet and faultless then as I was on route to show off the Beast to mates crack underneath and I split a Brakepipe to the rear wheels.

Disaster. :crybaby:

But anyways get it picked up and taken to Cousins Garage Local who find pipe all corroded and mangy and heat of looooong journey has knackered the pipe. Thank Foook I was already local to home.

Made a full inspection while underneath and found pretty faultless motor, all good nothing broke or hanging off.

Only faults were...

Chipped Windscreen (requires new)

3 tyres worn to 2ish mm (alibi for new Rims ;))

Interior Bulb blown (naff all to fix)

CD Autochanger not reading CD's (but not too bothered as I have a Different Head Unit to Fit)

Paint is a little shabby scratches and marks (alibi for Respray in different colour :winky: )

Obvious Brakeline split so need a new one of them

Pretty good going for a 14 year old Car thats now done 153,000 miles :shifty:

I'm well impressed with all of it so one more Happy Lexus Bunny B) :D

PS does anyone know cost of Brakeline front to back for the car and how they fit them (looked Tricky)

Anyone know common faults with Autochangers not working (ERR comes up)

How much would a Windscreen cost me all together?



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