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Doctor Bones Does It Again

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Got up on a beautiful summers morning on Saturday for the long drive down from Worcester to Watford. After a bit of confusion as to whether Tony was in Watford (or his new premises at Hemel), I got there on time, I met Tony who is a lovely bloke and he put my Lexus up on the ramp. The initial car set up, as you would expect, was pretty far out against Tony's exacting specification, and this explained why the car felt skittery around damp roundabouts. Even though the car had new tyres when we bought it a couple of months ago, they were already showing significant signs of wear on the inside.

Talking me through the problems and the process of setting it up correctly, only scaring me a bit when he started waving the Oxy torch underneath the car, he set about getting the specs as close to nominal as possible, and an hour and a half after arriving I set off back to the Wu.

Well the difference was immediately noticeable, previously the front wheels of the car felt very light on the road, with the resistance on the steering wheel changing as you changed the lock. Also the braking didn't feel too solid.

Now the car feels solid on the road, wandering less, and feels like its going in a straight line. The difference was so marked that even Mrs P noticed it when she got in the passengers side later that day. She described it best by saying the car doesn't feel like its on its tiptoes but has it foot firmly on the ground. (I explained cars have wheels not feet but there you go).

Much much nicer to drive, much more confident and solid, the braking feels better and the car feels much more agile than it did. Money well spent IMO.

Thanks Tony.

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PiratePete's car was a typical IS. Only two angles needed aggressive attention but fifteen angles were wrong... Once tuned the entire caricature of the car changes....

PiratePete now do you understand why i spent so much time warning you to learn the car again! The calibration was global so not the same drive..... I am happy you are pleased with the results.

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