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My Altezza

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so far


Front Disks : Stopteck groved disks

Pads : endless break pads


Cusco zero 2e with cusco econ

Cusco front and rear strut brace


Varis Carbon Fiber bonnet

Carbon Fiber Rear bootlid

Teckno Front bumper

Teckno sideskirts

Rear bumper from some crappy honda modified to take batman go go zooooom !!! exhausts

Fitted and resprayed by the good lads in in candy red


Tenzo Gt5 18" wrapped in f1's


Pioneer system to replace all the speakers and head unit


Apexi Rsm with G Sensor

Getting done

Toda Racing Stroker Kit for SXE10 2.2L Turbo

Power Enterprise Turbo Kit for SXE10 inc Fmic

TRD Quickshift Kit for SXE10

ATS Single Plate Pro Spec Carbon Clutch Altezza

Apexi AVCR

Apexi Power FC SXE10 Boost Version

Walbro 255l/hr Fuel Pump

Power Enterprise Injectors

SARD Type RJ Fuel Pressure Regulator

Defi Oil Temp Gauge

Defi Oil Pressure Gauge

Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge

Defi Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge

Defi Control Unit

HPI Oil Cooler Kit

HPI Engine Damper

Apexi 3SGE Head Gasket 1.8mm

Cliffard alarm with remote start turbo timer and guard dogs that when they bark send bee's from ther mouth

The work is getting mostly done and organised by Couture Auto Pte Ltd

The mapping is getting done the same time as cda's track evo by a guy from apexi . ive seen what there doing to it this year and its looking like its going to beat east coast preformance's scooby and evo not bad for a street legal'ish evo

ill be running about 1 bar of boost and hope all goes well

i would call this a project build but since im not exprenced at all in the engine its just getting called my build . wish i knew how to do all this stuff but eh! dont have the time

hope to have the car finished in april but its gone over 3 weeks now :( and for the record bmw's are crap unless your looking for a boat

thats a post i made a few months back on another site

i recently got my car back ... about 6 days ago . the turbo dose make a huge difference .

the car is running on 95 ron fule and is mapped to it also its bhp is now 240 and its torque is also 240 thats at the wheels and im only running at .7bar of boost due to some small issues like needing to replace my exhaust system first

the probloms that arrose during this build were mainly the exhaust system and the cluch ( this had been droped during shipping and had cracked ) . im also going to be putting in bigger injectors advice given by the lads from apexi .

my breaks are getting better again im going for a big break kit that should be hear early next week along with my new exhaust system

now for pics

the lads in my car mapping away


praise to the raised


youtube vid

of the engine getting run in / mapped by apexi japan

ill now be making a vid of my trip across europe with the modball so ill have better one then . the cars lots of fun to drive now . much better then before tho i have been very carefull / overly carefull in the wet .

ive now stopped engine mods ( becides the injectors ) for the next year while i research twin charging . instead ill be sorting out arbs and looking into some sort of cage for the car . i still want the car to be fully road leagl

hope ye have enjoyed reading this . please excuse any of my spelling mistakes

ye the cars finished :)

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Looks good, although there is a distinct lack of build pics and parts pics!!!

However thats a pretty reasonable increase in power as you say. However once its run in i would expect with the correct fueling and mapping to be about to reach 260hp+ at the hubs...

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Looks great :D .... bet it pulls the moms, eh Milf man :P
Nice one mate. Congrats on the turbo. That's some nice figures there too :winky:

its not finished till i can beat yours in a strait line .... for the moment im winning :winky: please dont sell yours

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Looks good fella what the internal likely to hold out to ???

Should be able to take over 1.2bar with those internals... maybe more.. So with him running 0.7bar now (about the same as me) he's taking it very easy. Stock CR is around 11... with those internals its supposed to be 8:7:1..

Not 100% sure on the headroom on the PE turbo, its an IHI turbo unit, don;t know much about those... But with his internals he'll probably want a bigger turbo to make full use of it.

Personally i wouldn't go twin turbo, but hey its not my car!

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