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90k Service Done.....

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Well my radiator has been leaking for the past week, so I bought a replacement radiator from uadweb. Cost £146 inc vat and del. As the radiator was out I decided to replace the timing belt, tensioner and idler with geniune parts. Also carried out the 90k service as to spec. I also bought some rear disks and pads, as mine were looking in a sorry state, however, when I took the rear disks off I found that the handbrake shoes were fairly worn, but still driveable, so I've decided to leave off replacing the rear disks and pads until I can source some handbrake shoes....anyone know how much they cost? The pulley nut didn't give much trouble, glad all those workouts in the gym came in handy here!

-Jobs done on the IS2: replaced radiator, replaced timing belt, tensioner and idler, replaced oil and oil filter and renewed coolant.

-Jobs left to do on the IS2: Replace rear disks, pads and handbrake shoes, full geometry check.

Also, those of you who are unlucky to have your radiator to start leaking, you can use a thinner radiator core without any problems. The standard IS2 radiator is a 27mm thick core radiator, many radiators you buy online or from radiator specialists will have a 16mm thick core. A thinner radiator will be just as good if not better than the standard thicker radiator because with the thicker radiator you will have leaves etc jamming between the radiator and the a/c condensor which will start rot the radiator. With a thinner radiator, there are less chances of this happening. Do not use radweld, as I have been told this is a temporary fix, originally, I was tempted to use this, until I was advised not to use it.

Also want to get my geometry sorted next, have to wait for some funds to be available, at the moment my IS2 isn't driving in a straight line, it also seems wander all over the road and also the steering wheel doesn't seem to spin back round by itself from full lock, althought extreme front tyre wear (on the insides) doesn't seem a problem. I think someone has had a go with the tracking alignment in the past, obvously, they've nerver heard of a full geometry check. Will be getting in touch with Dr Bones soon regarding this.


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When to replace the timing belt on the IS has been discussed in depth on LOC.

Some people change the belt at 100k or 6 years, some change it at 60k. Only you can decide what is best for your car, as you will know of its condition, service history, any warranty work carried out etc...

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How much did the belt/tensioner parts cost you?


Timing belt- £26 (approx)

Idler- £48 (approx)

Tensioner- £48 (approx)

Can't remember exact prices off top of my head. Got trade discount, as my uncle is a mechanic, so parts were bought on his trade a/c. Basically, the main cost of the timing belt change are the tenisoner and idler, the belt itself isn't that expensive.

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