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What's A Good Price Then?


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Hi All,

Just setting out to by an pre-owned Lexus IS200 SE, and was wondering if anyone knew what a reasonable price for one of these beatuies was?

Basically, I'm looking to get an IS200 SE in Strathcaron Blue, with less than 45k on the clock, and I am thinking of paying upto £10,000 for one.

The dealer website seems to have one or two for around that price, but quite a lot over that price at around £12,000.

Am I being realistic with my 10k budget, and is it worth buying private or going through a delearship (any ideas how much they add on for their xmas party)?

Thanks guys,


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It wasn't the Cardiff dealer was it?

How much can you haggle with these dealers anyway, not like their gonna knock anything off for the heap of rust I own at the moment (ford escort - can't wait to get a decent car - i.e. lexus) Anyone know of a good hill with optional cliff to roll my escort down?

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White cliffs of Dover would be a good one ;)

Do you not want to buy privately? You'll be able to find a decent one for .... they all are :whistling:

Hope you find one soon though you'll really enjoy owning a Lexus

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