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Has anyone still got rattles with their cars? If is Lexus going to extend the warranty as they did on the CD changer on the old IS?

Repairs for these rattles can be costly in the future.

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Yes - my GS rattled since I bought it (pre-owned). The dealer was initially quite helpful, but after a few return visits they made it firmly (but politely) clear that they had done as much as they were going to.

Mine's a Mk-II - I guess you're talking about a Mk-III?

The main rattles come from the roof on mine, and some come from somewhere in the back - the dash also creaks a bit, especially in the winter. I also get a lot more wind-noise than I expected.

In retrospect it was a learning experience - if I had had longer to test-drive the car (and at higher speeds) then I would probably have noticed these things and looked elsewhere.

I've got used to it now, but was extremely annoyed at the time, especially given the marketing for the Mk-II which played on the 'total silence'. The dealer's attitude was that it was a big, complex car and that I shouldn't expect total silence. My attitude was that I should be able to expect it to rattle less than my wife's Toyota Corolla.

Hopefully Lexus will take heed of the complaints over the Mk-III - I have driven a Mk-III a few times and noticed lots of creaks and rattles from a car that had only done a few thousand miles - this strikes me as entirely unacceptable in a 'luxury' vehicle (and even in a non-luxury vehicle these days).

I guess they will fix it if people start looking at other marques.

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My Mark III has the odd rattle when cold if I speed down my potholed drive, but to be honest I only notice these if I turn off the magnificent Mark Levinson stereo. Certainly not worth the hassle of getting the dealer to try and fix them.

I love the car, and life's too short to let a few minor warts spoil my enjoyment, in my opinion! It still ranks as the smoothest car I've ever owned.

Happy GS owner :) :)

IanB :D

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Here is my story..... Dealer have agreed to replace the car as works have been done on the car about 4 times to fix the rattle. They gave me the replacement car to test drive for 24 hours. I could hear a faint noise but it has been agreed that should the noise get any worst in the near future, Lexus will under take the works to fix it at no cost as long as I still own the vehicle. In addition to that, dealer will service the replacement car for me free of charge at the next service and throw in the SE-L 18 inch wheels. Not bad ehh??

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