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Ignition Coilpacks...


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Just wondering if the ignition coilpacks are the same between the Supra 2JZ-GTE and the Aristo 2JZ-GTE WITH VVTi.

Can anybody confirm?

Looking to get some preventative maintenance done, so would like to replace these too.



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The car was serviced and put away for the winter, so I may have a potter around in it now it's better weather.

Only did a few hundred miles in it last year, so I may be looking for a good home for her shortly. At my age I guess I'm starting to perfer the 4x4 for comfort and pushing all the grandkids clutter in rather than the performance of the Aristo !!

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ARISTO!!! You know you want to keep her - but then it all depends on your hobby haha.

If I was closer I'd bring mine around everytime I wanted something put in for you to tinker around.

How did you get on with the handsfree installation?

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I didn't install the hands free kit - it is still in the box next to my computer !!!!! I don't like cutting and splicing wires - it always looks like a bodge job. I'm still trying to find some matching plugs and sockets, new or from a scrap yard, but as yet no joy.

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