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I have a 1998 GS300 SE. I have just tried locking the door using the remote key fob and all doors lock except the drivers door. The indicators flash indicating alarm activation but the drivers door does not lock.

I have manually locked using a turn of the key this works. If I unlock using the fob all doors are unlocked except drivers. Problem with drivers door !!

Inside if I try to 'central lock' using the switch then this also fails.

CAn anybody help ??

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I have a similar problem on my 2006 GS, except in my case the rear passenger door wouldn't unlock. My dealer has disabled the latch on that door, so at least I can now unlock/lock the door from inside. Meantime I'm waiting for a replacement door latch to arrive, which they will replace under warranty.

My dealer says this used to be an issue with the older GS, but this is the first of the latest model he's come across with this fault. :unsure:

IanB :D

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It sounds like a new lock actuator is required. Had the same problem in the autumn with my 98 GS300.

The part is available from Lexus spares (mine took 2 days to arrive).

Dicussed here:

Thanks to Graham at my local Lexus Spares Dept., a new lock assembly was obtained & fitted (got my labour time down to 30 mins now).

The only drawback is that the part has to be purchased complete & costs £137.83 . Can't buy the actuator on its own (2 screws & 1 link to remove). Scope for an enterprising supplier?

There is a good tutorial on stripping down the driver's door to fit it on LOC USA. (I think)

I have the gist of it in pdf form & can email it if required - give me a PM if you run into trouble.



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