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Dead Dog.

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A man takes his obviously dead dog to the vet. The man says to the vet, "I think my dog is real sick. Would you please examine him and tell me what you think?" The vet looks at the dog and says, "I'm very sorry Mr. Smith but your dog has died." The man implores, "Are you sure doctor? Is there any tests you can run to be sure?" "Oookay," says the doctor skeptically. He has his assistant bring in the office house cat. The cat proceeds to sniff the dog from nose to tail, jumps off the table and goes into the other room. The doctor says, "Well that confirms my diagnosis, Mr. Smith, your dog has passed on." Regrettably, the doctor continues. "And I am really sorry to have to give you the bill for our services at such a time." The man looks at the bill and in shock says, "£285? £285 to tell me my dog is dead??" "No," says the doctor, "That was only £35. The other £250 was for the cat scan.

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The one I read before went a bit further...

A guy goes into the vet's with his alsatian, which he says is having trouble waking up. The vet examines the dog, puts on a grave face and explains that the dog is dead.

The man demands a second opinion.

The vet brings in two animals from the next room - a ginger tabby, and a black labrador. The cat walks around the alsatian twice, looks up at the vet and offers a plaintive meow.

The vet tells the man that the cat thinks his dog is dead, too, but the man demands another opinion.

So the black labrador goes over to the alsatian, sniffs it, lowers his head and growls softly.

The vet tells the man his dog is dead, and both the cat and the labrador agree. The man finally accepts the diagnosis and asks the vet how much he owes him.

"£650" says the vet.

"£650?" says the man. "How on earth can you justify that?"

"Well," says the vet, " would only have been £50 but you insisted on the cat scan and the lab tests..."

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