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Has Anyone Here Owned A Vw Golf?

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Good evening everyone,

A little bit of help required really...

My partner is looking to buy a VeeDub MK4 Golf - in the 1.6 SE variant and has got a few lined up this week to go looking at.

I would like to know, for those that may have owned a Golf MK4, what issues you encountered and when you were buying, what you looked out for.

I have spoken with VW and a friendly chap in the parts department outlined a couple of things to look out for on the service history etc:

Rear Bushes

Air/ECU Sensor

and something else can't quite remember lol

All responses are much appreciated :D

Thank you,


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Alright mate,

Well ive had 2 Golfs, the Mk2 and the Mk3, the Mk3 was pretty standard, the only problems i had was....the Master break cylinder went, was quite fun to slow down when i found out that it had went lol. Just after i sold it the alternator blew up :shutit: oh yeah the starter motor failed on it. I think that was about it for the Mk3!!!

As for the Mk2, i dont think this one really counts as it had so much done to it, but anyway, the main problem for these were the Heater Matrix leaking into the Footwells, the other problems i had with this was due to the moddin it had done to it :shifty: :winky:

But being VW mate, i would recomend them, i was a fully fledged VW man before i went Jap.

Ive been lookin into buyin another Mk2 golf.....but i wouldnt be gettin rid o the Lex!!!


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have owned a couple ,good cars to drive especialy the GTi .no leg room in back and suffer a few minor niggles of which you have metioned a couple .i think the coil packs are a bit suspect to on some models .realy good car though although the die hard golf fan will tell you it had no heart and did not drive like the earlier model.i realy liked mine and regreted selling it .try to get a model with all the bits ,mine had full leather recaros ,climate ,vw bodykit in fact more extras than my lexus .the gti version has the same engine as the audi A4 ,TT ,A3, Passat and is a great engine .

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No help but... i had a mark 2, WORST CAR i ever bought... never again, had that car for a year but the bad memories still remain...

buy a jap.. Toyota and you've no worries

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Gear linkage can be a problem on the mk4 golf (high mileage). Cousin had one, she chopped it in for a Nissan Almera, hey at least its Japanese...

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