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Hi everyone!

I picked up my first Lexus yesterday, a silver J-reg LS400. Its a little different to some of my previous cars (S2000, TVR Chimaera, 200SX) being a whole load bigger and a whole load quieter but I'm loving it so far.

All is good with the car, its got the usual LCD issue but the dashboard works well with no fading needles and the power steering seems to be fine so far. The only thing that's not right is the drivers seat cushion appears to be broken on the right hand side. When I go around a left corner the seat sags and I end up clinging to the 'wheel to stay in position. Has anyone got any ideas what's wrong (apart from its broken :winky: ) and if there's some sort of fix that doesn't involve a new seat?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi and Welcome to LOC :)

Its Good to see another LS member on here.

Do a search as there are problems with the seats breaking on one side of there runners.It can be fix.

If you dont find anything on this UK site try having a look through the USA site as there are alot more LS members on there.

Good Luck with sorting it out.



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