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I have just bought a lexus is200 se 1999. It came with a black key with 3 buttons on it and nothing else. The casing for the key is broken. Do i have the master key? the key does not open the doors remotly but does start the car ok. I bought a new key of ebay with transponder in it. Can i re program the key?. Currently the steering lock is broken off (car was stolen recovered) so i need to change lock on steering but because i have an orginal key transponder i am just going to fit the new blade from the one supplied by salvage dealer. Will this work ok?????

Please help i dont want not to be able to start the Lex!!!

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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

I think you dont have the master key,but im not 100% sure as ive never owned the IS but on most cars the master key is red in colour.

Hope thats of some help.



He do have the master key :winky: came with 3 keys from new 2 black with 3 buttons and 1 valet key with 2 buttons.

Dont know about the rest of your problems :unsure:

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so when i get new streering lock i should be able to reprogram key from ebay???

thanks for your help, much happier now!!!!

Dont know mate, im sure in loc somewhere, someone post how to reprogram the key, was step by step if i remember.

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