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OK, I have a Celsior of indeterminate exact age.

It is registered on a J plate which would suggest 1991/1992

But it was sold as a 93/94 and has the automatic headlight setting.

It does not have a telescopic radio antenna.

I know there is a "pros/cons" arguement about topping off the aircon.

I know that many say don't do it, and other have successfully done it. I'll take my chance and if it breaks I won't cry too much. I'm a grown and take my lumps.

I have some Isceon R49 left over from when I topped up my old GT4.

this Celsior appears to have R12 in the system as it has the larger schrader valves.

But I'm not sure which is the low pressure port.

I have a red high pressure port near the radiator and what appears to be another high pressure port up near the engine and trans dipsticks.

Then behind the air suspension controller on the LHS just infront of the bulk head there appear to be two low pressure fill ports one behind the other. One has a two wire switch. the other doesn't. Is it the one with the wires that is the pressure switch?

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