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Iv Lost A Spigot Ring


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on my front drivers side alloy iv lost the little plastic spigot ring thing that goes inside the alloy to centre it onto the hub causing vibration around 50mph

i got after market alloys

how do i go about getting the correct side spigot ring for my car / alloy ?

thanks :)

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ah cool so do all alloys are machined to a standard ? so outside bit is always same size ?? just innder bit matches car

bah ill email that company my alloy type and size and that i have a 99 is200 guess they can choose correct one from tht

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If they machined every Aftermarket alloy to the correct Centre Bore of the particular make of car then they would have thousands of alloys. The centre Bore of Lexus is 61 I think. ( correction 60.1 )

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QUOTE(T7RY B @ Jun 9 2007, 05:39 PM)
Take one of the other spigot rings off and measure it.

You usually get them on Ebay Or an Alloy wheel outlet

Ebay Link

Thanks for the link, I miss one aswell and was not able to find any on eBay as I did not know the name :blush:

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i mean the centre of the ring changes per car but the outside dia surley must me a standard ? to all alloys ?

both diameters can change

usually wheel manfacturer will be the same through there range, but another manufacturer will be different

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