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Costs On A 70k Service For My Is200?

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Hi all!

My is200 is due for a 70K service and was wondering what lexus charge and what does it include?

It is a 10K miles service, but i want to service it as a 20K! What needs to be changed and checked at this service?

Is it worth trying local garages?

Thank you all!

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erm, depends on which dealer you take it to.

Try calling them, the dealers charge differently

regards having to get it done at a lexus dealership, not really, you can get it done at any decent garage as long as they follow the manufacturers recommended check list

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Yes 60 not 100 although alot of people have not got it done at 60 but it's all about piece of mind. I'd recommend getting the cam belt done at an independant garage and not lexus dealer unless you really dont like going to non dealerships.

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Its advised to get it done at 60k, but i think that that is overkill..

the belt will go for much longer. i changed mine only recently, im on 92k 8yrs, and there was still about 4k left in it [so my garage says]

But like Rikos says its all about piece of mind.

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