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Malfunction Indicator Lamp Came On

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Had an is200 for just under a year now, and the malfunction indicator lamp had appeared a few times...each time it appeared, the acceleration would fail. until the car was turned off then restarted a while later..

took it to the dealers (lexus croydon) for a service,,,where they informed us, this light coming on is a serious problem, and needs to be resolved by replacing the throttle sensor. we bought this part privately, n lexus croydon agreed to sort out the problem along with our mot.

after trying to reprogram the sensor n failing, they said it was not the sensor that was the prob, its actually the throttle body which will set us back approx £1000!!! Something I am not happy about!

Since then i have scoured the internet and as per budgetary constraints have had to purchase a used throttle body from a salvaged/write off vehicle that has apparently done under 15,000 miles.

Just want to know if this was a bad move n will deal with the problem? my car has done 91,000 miles 2000 (w reg) Automatic. current faults include: the idle is present but is now in emergency throttle (under 25 mph).

generous amount of responses appreciated!

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you need to have the fault codes read, did Croydon do this?.....doesn't sound like it!!

Probably a sensor somewhere you need the code to tell you which one it is or your going round in circles i'd guess its one of the CO2 ones.

Try resetting the ECU.

Hope you get it sorted :D

If you need anything for your car always try here first, you never know!!!

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