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Hi guys, after your kind invite hubby and I are gonna come to the JAE this year. We've never been before, so can you let us know what to expect?! :question:

Thanks, and look forward to meeting some of you! :D

P.s we have a GS300.

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Hi Bonita, JAE is the Biggest event the club attends every year.

what is JAE, Jae is an event attended my 98% of the Japanese car enthusiasts clubs not only in the UK but Europe, its an event for al makes of Japanese vehicles be them sports, modified or 4x4, the core of the event is obviously centred around the brands, but for most of the clubs the goal is to get together as many members as possible and have a great weekend, of socializing, and having fun

many members have made great friends through these meets, and it gives everyone to come from behind there Computers and put faces to names

the JAE07 infomation topic can be found


and pictures from Previous events can be found


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on the first link i gave above, there is a link for the advance tickets......

Yup, buy, and turn up, simple as that......on the above topic aswell can you then let me know the details as have been posted by the others

thanks, see you both there


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