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Shocking Dealer Treatment


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Lexus - Milton Keynes - any views?

I currently have a 52 plate RX300 and was looking to down size to an IS200 sport.

I fancied a 3 or 4 year old low mileage one - not many around. I test drove one, said yes I'd like it and was waiting for a price including trade in. After 3 calls and no response I eventually spoke to another salesman and found out he had sold the one I wanted, a day after my test drive (I know I should have put a deposit down, but how is that for customer service??......I'll let you know if they can redeem themselves by finding me another one, but how annoying is that??

Anyone else got experience of this dealer?

Any recommedations of a good dealer to talk to? I have used Oxford in the past.

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I imagine in any sales environment and as annoyed as you maybe, the dealer has to look at a first come first serve basis if a deposit is made. Im sure in the past they have stoock cars to one side on a customers word they will have it and don't in the end. Sorry you missed out though fella.

Good look with the hunt!

Welcome to LOC

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