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Forza Motorsport 2 (360)

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Played this on my brothers 360 at the weekend and he has just bought a 50" HD LCD!!

The game is absolutely outstanding and the quality of the graphics is amazing with the big HD tv. Needless to say I was down the shops the next day having a nosey at some new TV's and xbox packages LOL.

I will have to get one eventually.......

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Just (well last night) finished a single lap race round the nurburg.... Me in an old shape supra vs some R1 & R2 cars... I win :D

Gotta love 660bhp :D

Good to know its got the ring in it. Might be worth a buy then. You got any pics/videos of the actual gameplay on the ring?

Its the only reason I keep going back to GT4 on the PS2, the handling and the track is bob on.

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The Ring is amazing, having never driven it myself, and having only seen it from dashbord/tele cameras it looks really detailed, down to the writing on the corners.

The car handling is fanominal, and the tuning really does make a diffrence... All we need now is Geo Doc, to post perfect settings for every car in the game and we can all go out and own :D

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Gawd - I'm loving this game.

Only a few hours in - but have got my Altezza up to 498hp via a 2JZ-GTE powertrain swap.

To say it's lairy would be an understatement. :yahoo:

Haven't played online yet as I only get a chance to play @ work during lunch and can't access live.

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My gamer tag is 'ShaunElyJenkins' if anyone wants to add me.

Both me and Sam@tdi have played this but have only scratched the surface.

I have spent most of my time driving cars i've driven in real life - i can honestly say that the VW Golf 16V Mk2 is perfect in representation. Handling, looks, sound, reaction characteristics - they're all spot on.

Sam says exactly the same thing about the Honda Civic Type-R. Even down to the Vtec details...

The added bonus we had, was we were playing it on a projection unit so the screen was about 8 feet by 6 feet! Crystal clear too!

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Cool... well i will get round to adding you all...

I decieded my supra was a little lairy, so some bigger and wider wheels, bit of a stiffer front roll bar, and a racing diff, and a smaller turbo... and it still goes sideways :D

Gotta love it

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I've know got a 2002 Nissan Tommy Kaira Skyline GT-R R34 which is maxed out (U999) (acceleration 10.0) and that thing does shift.

Also I've just won 2000 Nissan Top Secret D1-Spec S15 which I'm using for drifting. Well learning to drift at the mo.

I'm setting up an RX7 for drifting too. Got the specs off the Forza site. Its still head scratching trying to work out the castor / toe etc positions though. I reckon Tony could make a fortune setting cars on Forza :lol:

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I've now finished my MK2 Golf 16V.

transplanted the VR6 into it and turbo'd it too - also grafted in the AWD set-up.


also altered the gear ratios to a top speed of 182mph..... money cant buy the brakes that i need!

isnt there a way of saving your cars image online so others can view it? i've sorted some wiched graphics for it.

PS Mat - I've built a Monster replica with the new proposed vinyl graphics!!!!

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Shaun, When you take a photo of the car, it should give you the option to upload it to the forza site..

Once done go to sign in with the email address you use for live, then you should see your photo's

Heres my work in progress Tezza


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